About us

Our mission and vision

We are a non-profit organisation which brings innovative, high-technology student projects together and supports them with accessible services.

We are convinced we can stimulate entrepreneurship and technological innovation by creating a learning and working environment in which students can really take entrepreneurial initiative.

Our strengths


We are an enthusiastic group of students, teachers and companies, which makes collaborative entrepreneurship our biggest strength


We facilitate innovative and high-technology student projects which are also socially relevant


We create an environment in which engineering (technology) students can really take entrepreneurial initiative

Our approach

Technovation Hub facilitates innovative, entrepreneurial and high-technology student projects. Through collaboration with educational and industrial partners we offer things like juridical, financial and safety advice to teams.

We or our student teams regularly organise (networking) events for members and partners. Also partners can organise activities. After all, entrepreneurship allows our network to grow!

Our story

2009 - 2013

There were team projects within the engineering technology programmes of – what were then still – the university colleges Group T and De Nayer as early as 2009. After the integration of the engineering technology programmes in the university system in 2013, these team projects were reformed and became part of  KU Leuven's Faculty of Engineering Technology.

2013 - 2015

By means of a fully integrated pathway for team projects which is offered within the Postgraduate Programme in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in engineering, the teams receive support through professional coaching, and access to a wide range of courses on technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

2016 - present

In order to really be able to support the dynamic and entrepreneurial character of the teams, the non-profit organisation Technovation Hub was founded in February 2016. KU Leuven’s Science, Engineering and Technology Group – especially the Faculty of Engineering Technology – is an important founder and leader of Technovation Hub.

In addition, Technovation Hub bridges the gap between student projects, the academic and the professional worlds. As a stable contact we guarantee the development of durable partnerships, also across teams and team substitutions.

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