Offer an innovation challenge


In an innovation challenge, interdisciplinary student teams consisting of science, engineering and technology students work on creative solutions to socially or industrially relevant challenges.

An innovation challenge:

  • is innovative and thus brings something new to the company or organisation
  • has a link with a current industrial or social trend
  • is user-centred and therefore has clear added value for the end user(s)
  • contains a large (bio)technological component


  • You pay a matching fee when a suitable student team starts up
  • You take care of technological guidance
  • You pay any expenses linked to the execution of the project (e.g., materials, licences, travel costs ...)

7 Characteristics of technological challenges

  1. For an (interdisciplinary) team of students
  2. Under the guidance of a coach and/or technology expert
  3. Social and/or industrial relevance
  4. An innovative character
  5. Open nature - no (pathway to) a concrete solution put first
  6. Entrepreneurship and creativity are key
  7. Reaching a tangible end result