Climate, environment, emissions... Themes that have gained an important place

in the spotlight in recent years. But there is always room for improvement! Contribute to a healthier world and work on an Alend index alike 'Leuven goes local' E-card that measures the ecological footprint and/or air-quality and thus stimulates users to do better.

This project should encourage people to reduce their ecological footprint. With

every good action they accomplish, they earn credits. These credits can then be exchanged in 'green shops' in Leuven.

Expected results

  • A working platform, network eco-system or app
  • An integrated focus on sustainability and ecological alternatives
  • Social relevance (positive impact on people and the environment)


  • Suitable for a team of approx. 2-3 students (bachelor and master level)
  • Estimated duration of 24 weeks (2 semesters)

Submitted and supported by KBC Bank and Surf Studio