Escape room


Today, it is impossible to imagine our society without the climate problem. Children are still insufficiently aware of the contribution they can make to stop the climate problem. The escape room makes the children familiar with complex climate terms. The escape room starts with an introductory video after which the numerical codes have to be collected in order to finally open the safe. The children learn about the causes and consequences of climate change in an interactive and playful way. Scientific tests, riddles and simple calculations ensure that children learn something in this escape room. Through the escape room the children come into contact with some solutions for the environmental problem. They receive various tips & tricks on how they can contribute to this and are made aware that the impact they can create is essential to reduce the negative effects of climate change on people and society.

Target group

Youngsters between 10 and 13 years old


1 hour




A classroom or open space in the host school


125 euros excluding tax, transport costs and a security deposit of 50 euros

Please note

The escape room can be linked to a follow-up trajectory in which the youngsters are educated in an interactive way about the issues that are discussed during the escape room, this can take place before or after the escape room.

The guidance of the escape room can be provided by CORE or you can do it yourself. If you want to do it yourself, CORE will send you a manual and demonstration video with all the necessary information.