Our teams

Technovation Hub is currently supporting six team projects which are open to the participation of engineering students. Every team project consists of 8 to 20 students and is developed in close collaboration with both the industry and the academic world. All team projects are high-technology, entrepreneurial and socially relevant.


CORE is a cooperation of innovative engineering students and engaged partners who develop and support projects concerning efficient and sustainable energy consumption.


For this, CORE offers a development platform for COREnauts which strengthens their professional orientation, develops a vision on sustainability and offers the cooperative ICA-model of entrepreneurship.


Through intelligent communication, CORE raises awareness among students and their environment about the practical application of cooperative entrepreneurship and the importance of rational energy consumption.

Solar Team

Building the Belgian Solar Car and participating in the World Solar Challenge, the world championship for solar-powered vehicles.

KU Leuven engineering students – armed solely with a high dose of enthusiasm, motivation and courage – make up the core of the Punch Powertrain Solar Team. They have 15 months to complete their mission.

During this adventure, they discover what it means to transform a design into a real creation and putting it to the test.

Formula Electric Belgium unites a group of motivated engineering students from different KU Leuven and Thomas More campuses. The Formula project offers team members a unique experience in international motorsport.

Every year, Formula Electric Belgium develops and builds a high-performance, green, electric, one-man racing car. During the summer, the team travels through Europe with the green bolide to participate in different matches of the Formula Student competition.

The team actively promotes electric driving and shares acquired knowledge and experience with other students by developing informative educational modules.

Formula Electric Belgium


FLACRA (Flexible Autonomous & Cooperative Robot Applications) is a group of KU Leuven engineering students who design and develop autonomous and collaborative robots in order to provide innovative support to different sectors.

In addition, FLACRA aims to organise STEM-related projects which have a positive effect on both education concerning and awareness of robotics and automation. In this way, the team tries to speak to a wide audience and to focus on additive collaboration between man and robot, instead of on the substitutional role robots can play in professional environments.

FLACRA aims to discover and develop innovative technologies with its team members, ranging from mechanical robot design to AI programming and mobile mapping.


The Innovived team is focused on taking part in challenging, innovative projects in the biomedical world, with the aid of 3D (bio)printers.


Being creative with modern-day social, medical and environmental related problems with the help of genetic manipulation. Compete in the largest and most prestigious competition in synthetic biology in Boston, USA.

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