What can you as a company do in cooperation with Technovation Hub?

Become a partner

As an organisation, you can make a valuable contribution to the Technovation Hub. This can be done by making your expertise available, but also by making finance or material available.

What do you get in return?

  • access to a large network of industrial partners and like-minded people

  • visibility as an innovative and entrepreneurial organisation

  • bringing new knowledge and insights from the projects into your organisation

  • stimulating innovation and entrepreneurship among science and technology talents

  • co-determining the course of Technovation Hub

Get on board and strengthen the  Technovation Hub community!

Discover our partner formulas

Your money, resources or expertise really help our teams move forward. In return for your support, we offer you access to a dynamic community of creative and entrepreneurial students, businesses and researchers. Technovation Hub offers three types of partnerships as standard, each with its own advantages.

Technovation Hub Academy (THA)

KU Leuven engineering students from the postgraduate programme Tech Innovations in Ventures & Teams

have the unique opportunity to follow a series of hands-on workshops, lectures and company visits via Technovation Hub and its partners, workshops 2023-2024.

Find out how your company can become a partner.