2023 Innovation & Networking evening

Innovation & Networking evening

Tuesday 16 May 2023

The innovation & networking evening by Technovation Hub & teams will take place on Tuesday 16 May, at 7 p.m.

After the official part with an inspiring keynote speaker, Extraqt, you will get the chance to choose between seven innovative workshops led by one or more members of our student teams.

All students, professors, companies, entrepreneurs ... with interests in innovation, technology & entrepreneurship are very welcome.


KU Leuven, Group T Leuven Campus

Andreas Vesaliusstraat 13, 3000 Leuven

Parking will be provided.


19.00 h | Introduction

19.05 h | Welcome speech by Bert Lauwers,

                 Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Technology, KU Leuven

19.15 h | Keynote by Extraqt

20.00 h | Innovative workshops led by the teams

20.30 h | Innovative workshops led by the teams

21.00 h | Networking 


The event is free, but registration is mandatory. You can register for the event using the form below. The deadline for registration is Monday 8 May. 

Register here


Session 1

Formula Electric Belgium: Green innovation meets performance

To introduce something sustainable in one of our seven departements, that is our goal for the coming years. During this workshop we ask you to think of some sustainable improvements we can make to our car. From this collection of ideas we can determine our plans for the coming years with a broader perspective.

iGEM: Working efficiently and productively as a team

Completing a succesful team project is no easy task, especially if you have the ambition to do well in a competition. This workshop aims to cover some common themes related to team efficiency, such as team spirit and brainstorming.

CORE: Start with why and dare to say no

A workshop about how to select projects when the resources (time, people and interest) in the team are limited but still making sure that opportunities are not missed. This workshop will cover the key things a team needs to achieve this but also the downsides of saying “no”.

Session 2

Innoptus Solar Team: How do we compare different performance indicators to make the right decision

During the design and optimisation phase, many crucial decisions have to be made to achieve the most reliable and performing solar car. Aerodynamics talks about drag measured in Newton, Energy talks about incoming energy measured in Watts, Composites talks about weight in Kilograms. How do we put these different units side by side to make the right decision? Find it out at our workshop where we take you through some of the strategic decisions that we took for the design of the 10th solar car.

Aether: Long-term project planning: The do's & don’ts

Learn through an interactive workshop how to start making a multi-year project planning and learn from the experience that we have gained along the way.

NeuroTech Leuven: Reading the brain in real time

Brainwaves contain lots of information, but what practical information can you actually get from analysing these electrical signals? In this workshop, we will put a headset on some participants, try to gain information from their brains and show you how to do it in real time.

KU Leuven Kick: Great, you're a student team project sponsor. Now what?

Working with a team of students can be extremely interesting and rewarding, as well as exhausting and frustrating. Learn from past KICK project experiences.