From idea until serviced product


Business partner,


How to leverage engineering expertise and state-of-the-art technology to develop, produce, service and bring a product to the market.

Business partner: Infinite/Innoptus

Name lecturers: Joep van de Ven (IOT/AR Consultant), alumni Ine Verhaeren (Account Manager) & Adrian Baiets (Account Manager)

Teaching format: interactive workshop

Language of the workshop: English

Maximum amount of participants: 20

Credits: 0,5 ECTS

Semester: 2

Timing: 2 workshops of 4 hours:

  • 5 March 2024 - 13h-17h
  • 12 March 2024 - 13h-17h
  • 19 March 2024 - 13h-17h (evaluation assignment)

Location: Office Infinite/Innoptus (Leuven)


  • Attendance and active participation during these sessions

  • Concluding assignment and pitch

If you have ever seen a rocket launch, flown in a plane, driven a car, used a computer, touched a mobile device, crossed a bridge, used wearable technology, and wondered how engineering companies manage to successfully bring these products to market, then this workshop is for you.

The entire product development process consists of many different steps to get from initial idea to production and services. Throughout all these steps, data is generated, used and modified. But how can uniformity be achieved in all the different versions of a design and all the different departments in a company? How are modern engineering techniques and technology used to bring innovative products to market? How can the customised data be used as efficiently as possible in production and services? And which tools can be used for this? These are questions that arise daily in all types of manufacturing companies in many different sectors: mechanical engineering, automotive, aerospace, etc. From global players to SMEs and the self-employed. It is also a subject that is relevant to every entrepreneurial engineer. In this series of lectures, you will get a clear view of different technologies that can make the product development process better and more efficient.