Essential Track & Incubator Track




Business partner,

KU Leuven KICK

Do you want to be inspired and discover how to develop an idea into a feasible business concept? Then KICK Essentials is perfect for you! During three workshops in October, you get the knowledge and tools to devise a strong and clear business idea.

Do you already have a clear business idea and are you ready to take the next steps? Then take part in the KICK Incubator Track! During this intensive track, we’ll give you all the building blocks and tools to develop your idea into a strong business.

Business partner: KU Leuven KICK

Lecturers: various speakers

Teaching format: interactive workshops

Language of the workshop: English

Maximum amount of participants:

  • KICK Essentials: max. 25 students
  • KICK Incubator Track: exclusive offer for start-up students and students with their own start-up idea (selection interview with KICK before approval of registration)


  • KICK Essentials: 0.5 ECTS
  • KICK Incubator Track: 1 ECTS 


  • KICK Essentials: semester 1
  • KICK Incubator Track: semester 2


  • KICK Essentials: 08/11, 15/11 and 22/11 - 19h-21h30

        Attention: are you interested? Don't forget to register via            the website: KICK Essentials - KU Leuven KICK

  • KICK Incubator Track: 4 evening sessions & assignments

        Attention: are you interested? Don't forget to register via            the website: Incubator Track - KU Leuven KICK


  • KICK Essentials: Studio Start Leuven
  • KICK Incubator Track: Campus Leuven


  • KICK Essentials: attendance and active participation during these sessions
  • KICK Incubator Track: attendance and active participation during these sessions + assignments and final pitc

At the start of the Essentials track, two entrepreneurs share their experiences with you. Next, you learn interesting brainstorming techniques to come up with innovative ideas and look at their feasibility with a critical eye. Will anyone be interested in your business? And can you actually make money with it? We’ll finish the sessions by looking at different business models and how to choose the right fit. At the end of the track, you have a better view on how to come up with and strengthen an idea in order to increase the potential success of your business!

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Over the course of 5 sessions, you’ll continue to grow your business idea during the Incubator Track. Intended for students who already have a business idea and want to launch a startup. A series of workshops on the essentials of starting a business.

We’ll start with the do’s and don’ts of pitching so that you’re ready to present your business to different stakeholders. Next we’ll dive into the financial plan and financing methods to help you launch your future business. You’ll also have a chance to talk to experts and ask them all your questions about topics such as sustainability, marketing, grants, accounting and types of ventures. Still in need of extra information? We provide additional digital resources about topics such as intellectual property, GDPR, stakeholder agreements and legal obligations. This way, you can personalize the track with topics that are specifically relevant to your business. Between sessions, the KICK Coach is available to support you during your entrepreneurial adventure. At the end of the program, you’ll get to put the icing on the cake with a strong pitch to show how your idea has grown!

Only the most motivated teams are admitted. Specifically for the postgraduate students, we’ll have intakes at the start of the academic year. This way we can guarantee a qualitative coaching.

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