The strength of healthy habits

The strength of healthy habits: A necessary foundation for workplace success

Business partner,

Simon Dewulf

Business partner: Simon Dewulf

Teaching format: interactive workshop

Language of the workshop: English

Maximum amount of participants: 100

Credits: 0.25 ECTS

Semester: semester 1

Timing: 1 lesson of 2 hours: 16 November 2023 - 19h-21h

Locatie: KU Leuven Campus Groep T Leuven


  • Attendance and active participation in these sessions
  • 1 design assignment

Design your health strategy to serve as a solid foundation for your professional projects. In this workshop we are going to explore how minor changes in our routine can lead to major results, and the conditions that lead to improvement of your overall energy and productivity. Together we will discuss the impact of solid healthy habits on your productivity and time management in the workplace. You will analyze your own routine and learn tools to be more effective throughout your day.